"Music speaks with infinite variations. It is the only language everyone can understand."

Benjamin Reiter is a versatile musician from Wallertheim, Germany. He works as a soloist, accompanist, teacher, arranger and songwriter. Mainly active as a classical pianist, he also studied guitar and vocals.

Benjamin Reiter plays with passion and experience at events of all kinds, such as concerts, weddings, and anniversaries. An enthusiastic teacher, he shares his love for music and works with students of all ages and levels. 


Benjamin Reiter will design an individual program fitting whatever kind of event you are planning. Piano recital, chamber music, Liederabend, songs with guitar and voice, rock band - there are many options. Get in contact to discuss your individual program. See also projects.



Benjamin Reiter holds a graduate diploma degree in Piano pedagogy with a minor in guitar and is passionately passing on his love for music. It is his firm belief that learning and playing an instrument is a life-enrichening experience to everybody - no matter whether the goal is a creative private hobby or a professional career. 

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If you require an accompanist for a vocal or instrumental performance, Benjamin Reiter is a reliable partner. With experienced ears and musical intuition, he will provide a sensitive accompaniment and gladly work together with you on the performance. 

Getting in touch early to discuss the repertoire is requested to ensure a sufficient preparation time.

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As arranger, Benjamin Reiter predominately works for rock/pop groups and choirs. If needed, arrangements for bigger ensembles and orchestra are also possible. Besides the right sound and individually realizable technique of a piece, creativity and own ideas will always be a part of the arranging process.

As Songwriter, Benjamin Reiter works for his progressive-rock project Awaiting Dawn and is responsible for the main instrumental parts and arrangements on the album "Black Is The Color" of symphonic metal band Arven, which entered #65 in the German Album charts in 2013. 

For any arranging or songwriting requests, please get in contact.


  • Choir tenor

  • Conducting / ensemble coaching

  • Reviews, program notes, musicological texts

  • Recordings / Production

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Wiesbaden, GER

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