"Wanderer between musical worlds"

Benjamin Sebastian Wolfgang Reiter grew up in the romantic town of Bacharach in the upper valley of the middle Rhine. A region that has always inspired artists in all ages, he was particularly influenced by its rich history, nature and culture. Benjamin Reiter prioritizes tone and sound, atmosphere, emotions and expression in musical performance. 

Beginning self-taught on electrical keyboard, he started his classical piano training in his teenage years under the tutelage of Ukrainian pianist and pedagogue Tamara Schmedro, who passionately motivated and prepared him for his college studies in music, despite his comparably late start on the instrument. 

Mr. Reiter studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main, where he completed a graduate diploma degree in Piano Pedagogy and Performance in the studio of Prof. Hiroko Maruko, as well as a state license degree in music education with a major concentration on piano in the studio of Prof. Eike Wernhard. He wrote his diploma thesis on the solo

piano works of Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera. As a minor for the state license, Mr. Reiter studied German philology. In 2017, Mr. Reiter received a scholarship at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, USA to pursue a masters degree in Piano Performance which he completed in 2019 in the studio of Dr. Jasmin Arakawa. Appointed a graduate teaching assistant, Mr. Reiter has been teaching undergraduate students in secondary piano at the UF School of Music. Additionally, he has been working as accompanist.

Benjamin Reiter reflecting at the piano

Aside from classical music, Benjamin Reiter has always had a faible for rock music. Its emotionality and direct expression fascinated him from early on. Specifically, the facets and complexity of progressive rock raised an interest and passion in him and led to the additional training in guitar and voice. Naturally, Benjamin Reiter started to play in diverse groups, which later resulted in his work as a songwriter and a particular love for making music in ensembles. Taught by Jürgen Zimmer and, during college years, by Michael Dragic and Michael Sagmeister, he studied classical guitar and jazz guitar in addition to his major in piano. Until today, stylistic diversity remains a fruitful motor for his musical activities and his self-understanding as a musician. He continues to highlight the common features of different musical genres and tries to resolve supposed boundaries between them in the sense of a universal musical language. 

From 2019-2020, Mr. Reiter has been directing at the Kreismusikschule Donnersbergkreis in Kirchheimbolanden. In August 2020, he joined the keyboard area faculty of the Wiesbadener Musik- und Kunstschule (WMK) and, shortly later, also in the academic area of the Wiesbadener Musikakademie.



Important influences in his development include lessons and masterclasses with Prof. Eugen Wangler, Thorsten Larbig, Prof. Axel Gremmelspacher, Prof. Bernhard Wetz, Prof. Robert Holm, Evan Mitchell, Sam Haywood, Ratko Delorko, Dr. Kevin Robert Orr and Prof. Jesper Christensen. 


Benjamin Reiter at Steinway Piano